Cascade Building Services has implemented safe procedures for our employees, clients, and community during the COVID-19 coronavirus situation. Our staff has personal protective equipment and has been trained for this intensive type of cleaning. All cleaning solutions include proper disinfectants approved by the CDC and EPA for Covid-19 disinfection.
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7 Reasons To Love Your Janitors

Do you love your janitorial service? You should!

No matter the size of your commercial facility, there are certain performance standards you should expect from your cleaning crew. In today’s post, we’ll be reviewing 7 things every great janitorial staff should be doing. Does yours measure up? Keep reading to find out!


1. They Get Things Right

You should never have to worry about whether your janitors are doing a good job. You should have confidence in their work and be sure that they’re helping your building shine. You shouldn’t have to worry about what potential tenants or your employees will see when they enter your building.

A great janitorial team does the job right the first time. Does yours? Here’s a few things to look for:

  • Attention to detail. Especially in often overlooked areas.
  • Consistently impressive results. You shouldn’t notice changes in the week-to-week appearance of your space


2. They’re Thorough

Your janitorial staff shouldn’t take shortcuts. A great janitorial staff is thorough and does more than just sweep and mop. At Cascade Building Services, our cleaning teams are available to:

  • Maintain floors
  • Clean carpets
  • Wash windows
  • Clean and maintain gutters
  • Paint
  • Manage your recycling program

If your janitors aren’t being thorough and giving your entire space the attention it deserves (and demands), it might be time to start exploring your options!


3. They’re Trustworthy & Well-Trained

At Cascade Building Services we take pride in hiring great people and empowering them to do great work! When you’re looking for a janitorial staff you can trust, look for companies who:

  • Perform thorough background checks
  • Provide ongoing training and education
  • Maintain an in-house team instead of contracting the job out

Most of our employees have been with us for years and that’s something we’re really proud of! And it shows in our results, too!


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4. You Don’t Notice Them

There’s a saying about umpires in baseball: when you don’t notice them, they’re doing their job right!

The same goes for your janitorial staff. When everything is working well, you shouldn’t even notice them! Your building will be clean your employees, clients, customers, and tenants will be happier, and you’ll be able to focus on other projects.

If you’re constantly thinking about your janitors, something’s seriously wrong.


5. They Go Above & Beyond

Great janitors do more than just what you ask of them. They look for opportunities to provide exceptional service. For example, your janitorial service can help your office become more eco-friendly by helping you start or improve your recycling program. They may notice recyclables in the garbage or vice versa. They can also identify wasteful uses of energy like excessive after-hours heating or lights being left on.

Your janitors should always be looking out for your best interests and the best interests of your business. At Cascade Building Services we provide our janitorial staff with the ongoing training they need to be the best in the business– and the proof is in the results!

“I have been working with Cascade Building Services for almost four years at two different branch locations. I have always been 100% satisfied with their service. I especially appreciate their follow up and check-ins that they conduct monthly to ensure their services continue to meet all of our needs.”
— Ryan K. Sterling Bank


6. They’ll Listen To (And Learn From) Your Feedback

Your janitors don’t know everything! A great janitorial staff should feel like a trusted partner who works with you– not just another vendor you need to manage. You should feel like the feedback you give your janitors is being listened to and followed to the letter. If your staff likes things a certain way, tell your janitors!

And you should only have to tell them once. At Cascade Building Services, our janitorial service clients have a dedicated account manager who’s always available to answer questions and receive feedback on how we can improve our service. They’ll work with your janitors to make sure the job is done right and just how you like it.


7. Great Janitors Improve Your Space

When you’re running a business or managing an office space, you need to look for opportunities to invest in services that have a real impact on your bottom line. Your janitors and office cleaners shouldn’t be another cost you pay. Great janitors actually add value to your business and actively work to improve your space.

  • Clean, well-maintained spaces have proven results:
  • Clean offices reduce sick days and absenteeism among employees
  • Clean offices and shops are proven to make employees, clients, and customers happier
  • Being eco-friendly, like taking part in a recycling program, can save your business money


Do You Love Your Janitorial Staff? Are You Working With Portland’s Best Janitors?

Are you starting to wonder if your janitorial staff is doing a great job? Are they living up to your expectations and adding value to your business? At Cascade Building Services, we’ve been providing complete building cleaning and commercial janitorial service to the Portland area since 1961.

We’re always available to visit your office and provide a custom no-obligation quote. Ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more.

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