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Commercial Janitorial Services In The Portland, Oregon Metro Area

Commercial Janitorial Services In The Portland, Oregon Metro Area

Since 1961, Cascade Building Services has been expertly maintaining facilities all over the Portland metro area. Today, we’re among the leading full-service commercial cleaning companies you can count on to keep your buildings looking beautiful — so your staff is comfortable and your customers are impressed.

We are licensed and bonded to handle commercial cleaning, sanitation, and disinfection for your office building, medical office, restaurant, or other location. We offer 24/7 service 365 days a year — and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Commercial building cleaning plays a pivotal role in ensuring cleanliness, hygiene, and overall well-being in office spaces, influencing employee productivity and client perceptions. Our commercial janitorial services in Portland extend beyond routine cleaning, encompassing comprehensive solutions such as sanitization, waste management, and specialized maintenance. By maintaining clean and organized workplaces, janitorial services contribute to enhanced productivity, reduced stress, and improved mental and physical health among employees.

Moreover, our commercial janitorial services in Portland uphold health and hygiene standards. We employ professional commercial cleaning methods and utilize EPA-approved disinfectants to combat viral infections effectively, especially in high-traffic areas. Additionally, our janitorial services contribute to environmental sustainability. When you adopt green cleaning practices, you preserve the lifespan of office assets through regular maintenance and cleaning.

Here’s why you’ll love our commercial cleaning service:

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Experienced & Loyal – We have more than 60 years of experience, and our staff is extremely loyal. We have very low turnover — 75% of our employees have been with us for 8 years or more. Experience and dedication go a long way to ensuring safety and security for our customers.

Safe, Green Cleaning – No harsh chemicals here! We use environmentally friendly cleaners as part of a comprehensive environmental commitment. These safe, healthy products are free of allergens, so they won’t irritate your nose or lungs like traditional toxic cleaners.

Quality Control – All cleaning crews from our commercial building maintenance company are professionally supervised, and we perform random inspections to guarantee quality. Also, a customer service representative personally visits each work site monthly to ensure work is flawless.

All Hours, All Days – We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Whenever you need janitorial services, Portland business owners, we’ll be there!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – With our competitive rates, custom plans to fit your budget, and fast and efficient work, we know you’ll be impressed with our commercial building cleaning services.

Specialized Services – Our experienced janitors and property management staff provide pressure washing services, carpet cleaning, and many more services other commercial cleaners can’t.

Our work:

Learn more about our approach.

The slap of a mop. The squeak of a squeegee. There’s more to commercial janitorial services in Portland than this! Here at Cascade Building Services, we use the latest in eco-friendly cleaners, technological advances, and quality assurance so you can rest easy that your facilities are impeccably clean. Keeping a clean facility is especially vital for companies that serve the public or have multiple employees. Wow your visitors and keep staff comfortable by outsourcing your commercial building cleaning to our team’s sanitizing expertise. The result is the best janitorial services that Portland has to offer.

Our services are so wide-ranging, you only need one outsourced provider. We do it all: major chains and small shops, nightly cleaning, or a one-time visit. After seeing your facilities and providing an in-person quote, we’ll develop a custom cleaning package just for you. No matter your company size or industry, we promise your facility will be clean, safe, healthy, and eco-friendly every time we leave.

We offer comprehensive cleaning and janitorial work, including the following:

  • Floor Maintenance: Our floor maintenance services cover sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, refinishing, buffing, and polishing. We keep your floors clean, shiny, and well-maintained, regardless of the surface type.
  • Carpet Cleaning: We specialize in deep carpet cleaning techniques that remove dirt, stains, and allergens, revitalizing your carpets and improving indoor air quality.
  • Window Washing: Our window washing services ensure streak-free, crystal-clear windows. They enhance the overall appearance of your commercial space and maximizing natural light intake.
  • Recycling: We prioritize environmental sustainability by implementing recycling programs tailored to your specific needs. Our services reduce waste and promote eco-friendly practices. 
  • Drain Cleaning and Sewer Inspections: Our skilled technicians conduct thorough drain cleaning and sewer inspections to prevent blockages and maintain proper drainage. Our goal is to ensure a clean and hygienic environment.
  • Handyman & Contracting Work: In addition to cleaning services, we offer handyman and contracting work to address any maintenance or repair needs within your commercial space.

Why Customers Choose Us:

Experienced and loyal

Trusted Since 1961

100 Percent Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

24/7/365 Service

Licensed & Bonded Contractors

We are taking extra Coronavirus sanitation precautions. Learn more

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5 Starts Service

5-Star Service from Cascade Building Services

“It has been an honor to work with Cascade Building Services. When you find a company that truly cares about their customers and employees, you have found substance and quality.

I love the fact that I can use them as a one-stop shop for commercial and residential janitor service, landscaping, window cleaning, monthly maintenance, and tons more. Five stars.

Chris Cartmill Testimonial

Chris Cartmill

“Cascade Building Services did a great job buffing our floors at our Hair Salon in Scappoose. Our floors had lots of buildup from us not cleaning them properly.

Our floors are restored to their new appearance. Can’t thank them enough for a job well done!!


Lori Wills

“I’ve been working with Cascade for a little over 15 years. They are the janitorial service we use in our retail stores in the Portland Metropolitan Area. They are extremely thorough and amazing customer service.

They are available at any time with any concerns, and I’ve never had any. I would highly recommend their services.

Matthew Sangster Testimonial

Matthew Sangster

We serve the Pacific Northwest

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