Floor maintenance, Cascade Building Services

What’s the difference between scuffed, grimy floors and clean, shiny ones?

A dirty floor hurts your company’s image. It can also force you to replace expensive flooring sooner than expected.

Spotless, well-maintained floors say you care. You have high expectations. Plus, they save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

If your floors need love, our commercial floor cleaning services will get them looking like new again. We use the latest technology, nontoxic cleaning supplies, and rigorous quality assurance. Our floor technicians are conscientious and know how to take care of your facility, no matter what material your floors are. The result is the best commercial floor cleaning Portland has to offer.

Areas Serviced: The Portland metro area + East to Hillsboro, South to Salem, West to Sandy and North to the Vancouver metro area.

Commercial Floor Cleaning in Portland

We extract dirt and strip away buildup without damaging your flooring. We clean and restore floor surfaces of all types, then protect them from future wear and tear. And our floor finish and concrete sealer are UL-approved finishes that meet the slip resistance testing by Underwriter Laboratories.

Whether you need a one-time visit to a small shop or nightly cleaning in a huge facility, we do it all. We provide an in-person quote at your location, and then customize a cleaning package to fit your needs. Your flooring will be shiny, clean, and safe every time we leave.

What We Do

Our commercial floor maintenance includes the following:

  • Floor sealing and waxing
  • Concrete floor cleaning and sealing
  • Tile and grout cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Stain removal
  • Cleaning and maintaining ceramic tile, brick, concrete, Terrazzo, vinyl, linoleum, VCT, granite, and many others

Here’s why you’ll love our commercial floor cleaning:

Safe, Green Cleaning

Cleaning supplies shouldn’t make you sneeze or give off a harsh smell. We use citrus-based, non-abrasive cleaners that don’t contain allergy irritants. They remove contaminants via ion exchange, a proven way to clean, disinfect, and restore without harsh chemicals.

Quality Control

“Meticulous” describes our floor cleaning standards. Every month, a customer service representative will visit your facility to ensure our work is outstanding. We also randomly inspect work sites to ensure we’re upholding stringent cleaning requirements. And none of our cleaning crews work without supervision.


We’re available for commercial floor cleaning every hour of every day. We work around your schedule, not the other way around.

Experienced & Loyal

We have very low turnover, which translates into higher productivity and safety for you. Most of our staff (75%) has been with us for at least 8 years! They are experienced, and so are we: Cascade Building Services was founded more than 60 years ago.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We know you’ll love our commercial floor cleaning, Portland business owners! Our rates are competitive, we’re fast yet thorough, and our customized cleaning plan will fit your budget.

Meet the Owner


5-Star Service from Cascade Building Services

Chris Cartmill Testimonial“It has been an honor to work with Cascade Building Services. When you find a company that truly cares about their customers and employees, you have found substance and quality.

I love the fact that I can use them as a one-stop shop for commercial and residential janitor service, landscaping, window cleaning, monthly maintenance, and tons more. Five stars.” – Chris Cartmill

lori-wills“Cascade Building Services did a great job buffing our floors at our Hair Salon in Scappoose. Our floors had lots of buildup from us not cleaning them properly.

Our floors are restored to their new appearance. Can’t thank them enough for a job well done!!”  – Lori Wills

Matthew Sangster Testimonial“I’ve been working with Cascade for a little over 15 years. They are the janitorial service we use in our retail stores in the Portland Metropolitan Area. They are extremely thorough and amazing customer service.

They are available at any time with any concerns, and I’ve never had any. I would highly recommend their services.“- Matthew Sangster