Cascade Building Services has implemented safe procedures for our employees, clients, and community during the COVID-19 coronavirus situation.
Our staff has personal protective equipment, all cleaning solutions include proper disinfectants for COVID-19 and our staff has been trained for this intensive type of cleaning.
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Keeping a facility presentable, healthy, and safe takes a lot of work. That’s why we offer the full spectrum of commercial cleaning services, Portland business owners! Whether your facility is large or small, we can create a customized cleaning plan for daily, weekly, monthly, or one-time services. Read more about our commercial cleaning services below, or contact us now to schedule an in-person quote.

We serve Orgeon, Washington, and Idaho

Janitorial Services

commercial-janitorial-services-portlandThere’s more to janitorial services than mops and squeegees. We use the latest in eco-friendly cleaners, technological advances, and quality assurance so your facilities are impeccably clean. Whether you need new lightbulbs or refinishing for an entire college cafeteria, we’ll tailor a janitorial plan to your needs.

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Handyman & Contracting

handyman services portland cascade building servicesNeed an experienced contractor to help with a construction or maintenance project on your residential or commercial property? We’re licensed and insured in Oregon and help with a variety of projects, including painting, welding, siding masonry, drywall, and much more.

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Floor Cleaning

commercial-floor-cleaning-portlandFlooring gets heavy wear and is expensive to replace. The solution? Consistent floor cleaning. We ensure the longevity and appearance of your floors with high-quality, slip-resistant products approved by Underwriter Laboratories.

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Carpet Cleaning

commercial-carpet-cleaning-services-portlandCarpet cleaner shouldn’t leave toxic fumes in the air that irritate lungs and allergies. We use an eco-friendly, biodegradable carpet cleaner that doesn’t harm indoor air quality. Unlike other carpet cleaning processes, it dries in 1-2 hours and leaves no residue. Learn more about our carpet cleaning services.

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Building Maintenance Services

change-lightbulb-building-maintenance-servicesAttention, property managers! If you need to outsource window cleaning, janitorial work, or any other commercial cleaning service, call us. We do it all. And with our highly competitive rates, we’ll create a plan that fits your budget.

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Commercial Recycling

commercial-recycling-services-portlandIs your recycling program easy to understand? Or do things like complicated signage and overflowing bins discourage recycling? We’ll make sure your recycling program is efficient, which saves you money, diverts waste from the landfill, and helps you comply with municipal regulations.

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Window Cleaning

commercial-window-cleaning-services-portlandSay goodbye to grime, streaks, and smears. We offer commercial window cleaning for facilities of all sizes, from small condo complexes to towering skyscrapers. We use a biodegradable, eco-friendly cleaning solution to clean windows and storm windows as well as other surfaces like tempered glass, mirrors, skylights, and more.

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Other Services

If you need it, chances are we do it. Some of our other commercial cleaning services include:

  • Pressure Washing
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Painting
  • Light Plumbing
  • Light Electrical
  • Sheetrock Repair

Ask us if what you need isn’t listed above! We’ll create a custom package just for you.

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