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What does it take to keep a shopping mall running smoothly? There’s more to it than just keeping the doors open and the lights on. Dozens of vendors must keep their most popular items in stock, the movie theater needs to have the latest releases on hand, and the food court needs to have everyone’s favorite foods on the menu. And a mall must be kept incredibly clean.

Nobody wants to shop in a dirty mall. It’s just not a fun experience. It makes a mall feel low-rent and doesn’t inspire confidence in customers.  At Cascade Building Services, we’ve been cleaning shopping malls, banks, hospitals, warehouses, and other commercial buildings throughout the Portland area for over 50 years.

Keep reading to learn more about a few of the cleaning services we can offer shopping malls.

Our Shopping Mall Cleaning Services

Janitorial Services


We can provide you with ongoing janitorial services to keep your mall clean. We sweep, vacuum, mop, take out the trash, and do everything you’d expect of a great janitorial service.

Then we go the extra mile. We go above and beyond to make sure your mall is cleaned thoroughly and regularly– without interrupting or interfering with your mall’s day to day operations.

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Floor Maintenance Services

Shiny Floors

Shiny, spotless, freshly cleaned floors are a thing of beauty. Your customers appreciate them, even if they don’t consciously notice them. With thousands of customers  walking across them each day, the floors in your shopping mall experience more wear than just about anything else.

When protecting your mall’s floors, we use only the best, highest quality Underwriter Laboratories floor cleaning products. They’re even slip-resistant to make sure your mall is a safe place to shop.

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Window Cleaning Services

Clean Windows

Do your shopping mall’s windows let in the perfect amount of sunshine? Or are they dirty, streaky, and grimy? If you have to think about it, your windows aren’t clean enough.

Rainy weather actually makes windows dirtier! The more it rains, the more tiny particles of dirt and grime build up on your windows. That’s why you need year-round window cleaning services for your shopping mall.

We use an eco-friendly and biodegradable window cleaner. It leaves behind sparkling, clear glass. We’ll also thoroughly clean your window sills, tracks, and ledges.

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Read more about all of our mall cleaning services.

Need Daily to Weekly Cleanings For a Shopping Mall? We Can Help.

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About Cascade Building Services

Portland, Oregon

We’ve been cleaning buildings in the Portland area since 1961. We’ve been trusted by small businesses, hospitals, banks, schools, and more for over 50 years. We’re committed to cleanliness and our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority.

When we clean your shopping mall, we only use the best tools, equipment, and cleaning supplies. For security purposes, our team members always wear uniforms and identification whenever they’re cleaning your shopping mall.

We’re also dedicated to our team, offering ongoing education and training to help them do their very best work. In fact, many of our team members have been with us at Cascade Building Services for more than 10 years!

We’re available 24/7/365 and offer incredibly flexible and customizable cleaning packages to fit your mall’s needs. Give us a call at (503) 691-0776, or contact us for a free no-obligation quote.

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