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How to Choose a Professional Window Cleaner

With all the rain we receive here in the Portland area, you may doubt whether maintaining clean, sparkly windows is even possible for your business. With a professional window cleaner, it absolutely is!

When you partner with a professional window cleaner and get on the right cleaning schedule, your windows will shine. Window cleaning also helps limit the negative effects of debris and dirt, so they’ll last longer, too.

It all starts by partnering with a trusted window cleaning company. Keep reading to learn what to look and how to choose the best one.


How often should you clean your windows? (It depends on your industry!)

Window Cleaning Industry Guidelines


1. Experience

Different types of glass require different cleaning techniques. There’s an art to consistently delivering clear glass with zero streaks or smears! This type of expertise can only come from years of experience.

Not only should you look at the number of years in business, but also employee experience. After all, these are the people who’ll be responsible for cleaning your windows.

Beyond results, years in business can be an indicator of trustworthiness and commitment to both good service and the community.

Finally, make sure the company’s experience is local to the Portland area. National chains may have a lot of experience, but they won’t have the same dedication to or understanding of the community and their clients as a locally-owned company.

Windows are expensive — protect your investment by ensuring you hire a window cleaner who has the experience to not only do the job well, but also avoid scratching or damaging your windows.


2. Exceptional service

The best window cleaning companies provide more than just clean windows — they provide a whole experience focused on your satisfaction. As you’re researching a company, find out if they offer the following:

  • Fast communication
  • Round-the-clock availability to answer questions and provide service
  • Flexibility to work around your schedule so as not to disturb during business hours
  • Customized cleaning plans to fit your needs
  • Attention to detail, like wiping down sills, tracks, and window ledges
  • Quality control process

This last point — quality control — is very important. Ask how the the company will ensure their workers are doing the job up to their standards.

At Cascade Building Services, we supervise every cleaning crew, send customer service representatives to your facility every month, and perform random work site inspections to ensure outstanding quality and service.

Additionally, find out how the company handles complaints. For instance, if you aren’t happy with the result, will they correct the issue?


3. High-quality products

Pay attention to the specific types of products and equipment the company uses. A professional company will not use cheap products, worn or ineffective cleaning materials, or unsafe cleaning solutions.

This is not something every customer remembers to ask when vetting a cleaning company, but it makes all the difference in the results. For example, using a worn out window squeegee will keep your windows from achieving the flawless transparency and shine it deserves.
You should also choose a company that pays attention to the impact their products have on the environment and your employee’s health. Biodegradable and eco-friendly cleaning solutions are always the best choice and can even help achieve the best results.


4. Customer protection

Window cleaning can be a high-risk job — especially if you have a multiple story building. Before you let any company work on your windows or property, make sure they’re licensed and insured and that all their workers are covered by workers compensation insurance.

Accidents like falling ladders, trips and falls, damaged windows, and other issues can happen. In the event of something or someone getting injured, you need to be protected. Otherwise, you’ll assume responsibility for paying for repairs and medical expenses.

You may also want to ask if there’s ever been a claim made against the company. If the answer is yes, be wary.


5. Happy customers

Of course, perhaps the most important indicator of a professional window cleaning company is glowing customer experiences.

You’ll need to do a little research to look up reviews. A few places to look are Google, Yelp, or even the company’s website. You can also request references directly from the company. Any reputable business will be happy to provide this information.

As you read through these reviews and testimonials, ask yourself:

  • Do customer experiences match what the company says about their service?
  • Are customers happy with the results?
  • Do customers say the company is reliable and trustworthy?
  • What do customers say about communication?
  • Are there any trends popping up, good or bad?


Let us know how we can answer your questions!

At Cascade Building Services, we offer commercial window cleaning services for businesses of all sizes — from small condo complexes to challenging high-rise buildings.

We believe your windows reflect your company’s image and reputation. Our goal is to maximize the perception of your business and increase employee, customer, and your personal satisfaction through consistently clean, polished windows.

If you’re interested in learning more about our approach or have questions about our services, please let us know at (503) 691-0776. We’d love to provide answers and help you achieve windows you’re proud of.

If you’re ready to get started, request a free quote today!

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