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Do Sustainable Cleaning Products Work

Do Sustainable Cleaning Products Really Work?

When people talk about cleaning products, there’s a common misconception that harsher chemicals clean more effectively. That’s not true; good sustainable cleaning products are extremely effective.

But if both sustainable and traditional cleaning products will clean your workplace effectively, why should you bother with the sustainable ones?

Because the chemicals found in most cleaning products aren’t just bad for the environment, they’re dangerous for your health too.

Ask yourself: Are toxic chemicals that put you at risk any better than dirt? Not if you ask us! Luckily you don’t have to choose one or the other. There are many sustainable cleaning options that are safe for your health and will get your business sparkling clean.

Why Are Traditional Cleaning Products Dangerous?

Traditional cleaning products that contain toxic chemicals can be dangerous for two main reasons:

droplets fountain water birdThey’re bad for the environment.

Toxic cleaning products don’t just sit around in your office. They frequently end up in the waste stream. From there, they can leach into our soil and drinking water.

That means we drink water with small amounts of nasty chemicals like perchloroethylene, ammonium hydroxide, and butyloxy ethanol — not to mention good old fashioned bleach! (Don’t worry, I’ll explain what all those chemicals are in the next section.)

They’re bad for you.

You know the chemical smell you’ve probably noticed after your space gets cleaned? The smell of a new car? The scent of a recently cleaned bathroom? That dry cleaning smell?

Those smells are the result of chemicals from cleaning products being released into the air and into your body. Eventually, the smell goes away, but until then, people in the area are breathing in potentially dangerous fumes with negative health side effects.

What Chemicals Are in Traditional Cleaning Products?

A few of the most important chemicals you’ll find in many cleaning products are:

Believe it or not, all those chemicals are found in common carpet cleaners. Carpet cleaners are some of the most important cleaning products to be wary of, because they often contain a lot of harsh chemicals.

walking on clean carpet

Traditional cleaners will kill germs and dirt in your carpet, but they may also do damage your body in the process.

What Are the Sustainable Cleaning Alternatives?

Most sustainable cleaning products are made of plant-based ingredients, less harmful chemicals, and plain old water!

essential oils natural sustainable cleaningA few things you might see on the ingredients list are:

  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Low concentration hydrogen peroxide
  • Essential oils
  • Castile soap

Not only are these solutions safer for you and better for the environment, they’re also extremely effective cleaners!

Let’s see why.

How Do Sustainable Cleaning Products Work?

At Cascade Building Services, we use sustainable cleaning products to clean carpets, windows, and just about everything else in your workplace. We use eco-friendly, citrus-based cleaners with no toxic chemicals or irritants.

One of the most common questions we get is:

“How is it possible to clean a carpet with a citrus-based cleaner?”

Good question! Carpets can be hard to clean, especially if it’s been a while. When you hire a professional carpet cleaner, you want to make sure you’re getting a thorough cleaning without dirt, moisture, or cleaning residue left behind. Here’s how it works:

Our proprietary process uses something called ion-exchange to separate and remove microscopic particles of dirt and other gross stuff from your carpet. The citrus-based cleaning solution we use for this process is completely biodegradable, nontoxic, and leaves behind absolutely no residue! Plus it won’t smell like chemicals when you come into work the next day.

grey luxury carpet silver

You should know: Some cleaning services will say they offer “steam cleaning” — a method which shoots water into the carpet and can take up to a few days to dry. That’s why we prefer our ion-exchange method. It dries in only a few hours, so you can get your carpet cleaned on a weeknight and come into work the next day!

The Cascade Building Services Promise

Eco-friendliness and sustainability are important to us. So is the health of our clients. At Cascade Building Services, we’ve made a commitment to using only products that:

  • Deliver exceptional results
  • Ensure a sustainable workplace
  • Are free from harmful odors and toxins
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Help us provide the cleanest, safest work environment while minimizing our carbon footprint

Our goal is to improve air quality, recycle as much as possible, and reduce waste without sacrificing cleanliness and sanitation.

If you’re interested in an effective and sustainable cleaning solution for your workplace, contact us for a free quote!

Essential oils photo: Abi Porter

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