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What to Know Before Hiring a Commercial Carpet Cleaner in Portland

Every carpet cleaning company in Portland claims to be the best. How do you weed through the masses and choose one providing high-quality work, excellent service, and great value?

When it comes to carpet cleaning services, you need to know the cleaning methods available and what to look for in a company. Armed with this knowledge, you can easily gauge which cleaning company is the right fit for your commercial business.


Standard vs. green carpet cleaning

The first step in choosing a commercial carpet cleaner is to consider whether you want a company with an eco-friendly approach.

Standard cleaning approach

Most everyday carpet cleaning companies take a conventional approach. They use strong chemical solvents and cleaners. You might be drawn to these companies simply because they often advertise lower prices. But at what cost?

Toxic chemical cleaning solutions are just that – toxic. They weaken your carpet, limiting its lifespan and leading to frequent carpet replacements. Chemical cleaning solutions also leave unwanted residue. Strong chemical smells can irritate lungs and cause health problems.

Green cleaning approach

Choosing a company with an environmentally responsible approach is good for both your carpet and your team. Eco-friendly solutions are gentle on your carpet. They also prevent toxic chemicals from lingering in the air of your building. Plus, you’ll avoid the sticky film on your carpet commonly found after chemical treatments.

A non-toxic approach does not sacrifice quality – just the opposite! Ion exchange technology is safe for children, pets, and allergy sufferers. It also effectively cleans, disinfects, and restores your carpet.

Discover the benefits of an environmentally-responsible approach to carpet cleaning
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Not all carpet cleaning methods are created equal

Did you know there are several ways to professionally clean your carpet?

In the 1800s, carpet cleaning involved scrubbing a mixture of bull urine and water on the surface. This was followed by covering the carpet with a clay paste, allowing it to dry, and washing the carpet with chloroform.

Needless to say, we’ve come a long way since the early days of professional carpet cleaning.

Hot water extraction cleaning

The hot water extraction cleaning method uses high pressure hot water to loosen carpet fibres and dissolve dirt caught inside. Though this is one of the most common services offered by cleaning companies, there are disadvantages:

  • Long drying time
  • Chemicals leave a strong odor
  • Weakens and damages your carpet
  • Requires long hoses connected to outdoor equipment, meaning your building must remain open during the cleaning (compromising security)

Carpet shampooing

Shampoo carpet cleaning is a dated process that peaked in popularity during the early 1970s. Yet it is still used by many cleaning companies today. This method does clean heavily soiled carpet. However it also leaves a foamy residue that becomes slightly sticky as it dries.

Encapsulation cleaning

Encapsulation cleaning is a popular, modern alternative to carpet shampooing. This carpet cleaning process uses synthetic detergents that turn into powder once dried. Less water is used during this process, resulting in shorter drying times. It also leaves less chemical residue than carpet shampooing, but does not eliminate it completely.

Low-moisture cleaning

A relatively new and highly popular cleaning technology, low-moisture carpet cleaning uses a biodegradable cleaning material to effectively absorb dirt.

This cleaning method has many benefits:

  • No leftover chemical residue or smell
  • Dries incredibly fast (within 2 hours)
  • Safe for all types of carpet
  • Can be completed on commercial offices that operate 24/7 (does not disrupt business)
  • Does not require hoses to be connected outdoors


Industry specialization makes a difference

Commercial carpet cleaners often specialize in a select number of industries. This is because the ins and outs of effectively cleaning a carpet will vary from one type of business to the next.

For example, security requirements vary for cleaning banks, hospitals, or warehouses. Additionally, if you’re looking for carpet cleaning in highly specific type of space – for instance, a stairwell – be sure to confirm the company has a solid track record of effectively cleaning these types of spaces.

Keep in mind: the best commercial carpet cleaners will provide a customized cleaning plan to meet your business’ specific needs.


Compare companies by asking the right questions

Understanding the approach a carpet cleaning company offers, cleaning methods used, and their history of experience is the best way to narrow down your search.

From here, there are other important qualities to consider. We recommend making your choice by evaluating how well the company meets the following requirements:

  • Uses their own employees (doesn’t contract day laborers)
  • Offers flexible hours to meet your needs
  • Has a strong, trusted reputation in the local community
  • Is happy to provide a list of references
  • Offers a range of specialized services to handle any unexpected cleaning needs
  • Is easy to talk to and communicate with
  • Provides a high-quality customer service experience

Not sure how to evaluate these qualities?

Choosing a Commercial Cleaner

Learn what to ask a commercial cleaning company

Find out why Portland businesses choose Cascade Building Services

Are you ready to get started and hire the best commercial carpet cleaner for your business? Contact us at (503) 691-0776. We’d love to answer all your questions and provide you with a free quote.

At Cascade Building Services, we’ve been providing high-quality commercial carpet cleaning services to the Portland area for over 50 years. We offer services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and offer an environmentally responsible approach you can trust. You’ll love our friendly team, commitment to safety and security, and excellent results.

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