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Lake Oswego commercial janitorial services

Originally founded in the 1850’s and intended to be home to a sawmill, today Lake Oswego is one of Portland’s best-known and most affluent suburbs. In recent years Lake Oswego has begun to develop a business culture of its own and is slowly losing its image as a place where Portland commuters live. Today, you’ll find banks, hospitals, upscale offices and other commercial buildings in Lake Oswego.

Since 1961, Cascade Building Services has provided a variety of commercial cleaning services to banks, condominium complexes, offices and other buildings in Lake Oswego. Continue reading and you’ll learn more about the businesses and industries served by Cascade Building Services, as well as a few of the commercial cleaning services we offer.

24/7/365 Commercial Cleaning Services

The commercial cleaners from Cascade Building Services work nights, weekends, and holidays. We work around your schedule and you won’t have to inconvenience your employees, customers, clients, or patients.

We’re not like other commercial cleaning companies. We offer every cleaning service you need to keep your building or office clean. No matter what you need cleaned, or how often you need our services, Cascade Building Services can create a cleaning contract just for you.

Our most popular commercial cleaning services include:

Janitorial Services

Commercial Janitorial Services Portland

Our janitorial services team sweeps, mops, takes out the garbage, disinfects, and much more. We’ll make sure everything’s cleaned to your satisfaction on a schedule that works for you.

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Carpet Cleaning


There’s nothing more off-putting than dirty carpets. Luckily, we specialize in cleaning even the most worn-out looking carpets. We use biodegradable carpet cleaners that don’t leave behind strong odors. They dry fast, too! Your carpets will be dry and ready to walk on in about an hour or two. We also offer monthly check-ins to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your carpet cleaning service.

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Floor Cleaning


Our floor cleaning service includes both preventative maintenance and regular cleanings for your floors. If your floors haven’t been cleaned in awhile or have damaged by previous cleanings, we can help restore them to the original beauty. We use only high-quality, slip-resistant floor cleaning products from Underwriter Laboratories!

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Commercial Recycling

commercial recycling services portland

Do you have a commercial recycling program in place? Are you thinking about starting one? We’ll help by overseeing your paper recycling programming and teaching your employees what can be recycled and how to do it.

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Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Smears, streaks, and grime can make otherwise beautiful windows look downright terrible. Frequent window cleanings can help keep them shiny, clear, and beautiful. We use biodegradable window cleaning products that wash away clean and don’t leave any residue behind.

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Keep reading about all of our commercial cleaning services.

Who We Work With

Office Cleaning Services

Our commercial cleaners specialize in cleaning offices, banks, shopping malls, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, condos, apartments, and other businesses in and around Lake Oswego.

We’re very flexible and no matter what type of business you run, building you manage, or cleaning services you need, we can help.

How We Work

Our commercial cleaners always wear professional uniforms and clear identification whenever they’re on the job. We’re committed to your peace of mind, safety and security. We’re also committed to the environment and use eco-friendly and biodegradable cleaning supplies whenever we can.

About Cascade Building Services

Cascade Building Services has been offering commercial cleaning services to the Lake Oswego area since 1961– that’s well over 50 years! There’s no other commercial cleaning company that can match our commitment to customer satisfaction and our desire to doing the job right.

The Cascade Building Services team loves their work and the proof is in our results. We invest in our team, offering continuing education programs to help them do their best work. We’re very proud that almost 75% of our team members have been working with us for 8 or more years!

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